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How to Apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa

When two people fall in love, things like their background, religion, skin colour and even location don't seem to matter as much. They may have met and fallen in love on a distant shore and would like to establish their life in Australia together. If this describes you, you may be certain that this is meant to be, and maybe you would like to get married near the iconic Sydney Opera House, but you will need to get legal permission to do this first if you are not both native to the country. What steps will you need to take in order to qualify for the right type of visa?

Prospective Marriage

As you know, the Australian government is very careful to manage migration and has a strict policy in place to vet all would-be residents of the country. In this case, however, they have created a temporary arrangement known as a prospective marriage visa, designed specifically for your situation. Once it has been approved, this visa lasts for nine months and allows the individual to enter the country specifically for the purpose of getting married.

Avoiding Fraud

Not everyone is as honest as you, however, and many would seek to get this type of visa just to gain access to Australia. They will enter into a marriage of convenience just to get the paperwork, and because of this risk, you will have to complete a number of checks in order to assure the government of your validity. These investigations will include health and background checks as well.

Converting to Permanent

Assuming that all the paperwork is in order and the visa is issued, you'll be able to enter and leave the country several different times over that nine-month period, if needed. You'll want to get married as soon as possible upon entry so that you can convert what is still a temporary visa into a more secure, partner arrangement with an intent to get permanent residency in the future.

Terms and Conditions

During the initial visit to Australia, the sponsoring resident must take responsibility for finances and won't be able to seek any funding of any kind from the government. The inbound partner may be able to work or get involved in higher education, but they must be on their best behaviour and comply with all of the terms of the legislation.

Prove Yourself

Remember, you have to prove your relationship is real, so you should begin by gathering a lot of evidence to do so. You will also need a certified passport and an authentic birth certificate to accompany this documentation.

Avoiding Mistakes

Make sure that you send in all the paperwork without error and avoid any mistakes as you proceed to avoid unwanted delay. It's best if you get expert advice from somebody with knowledge in this area to help you.

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