Why Use 3D Laser Scanning on an Archaeological Survey?

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If you need to evaluate a possible heritage site, then it's worth running a 3D laser scan on the plot. What are the advantages of using this kind of scan during the early parts of the project?

Get A Fast Analysis

Some archaeological surveys take time. If you are under pressure to evaluate a site quickly, say if a construction project is due to take place in the area, then you might not have the time you need to run a full analysis of the site.

If you use 3D laser scanning, then you can survey even large plots fast and efficiently. Your scanner delivers your results in 3D so you can see exactly what is going on under the ground. You get fast results that tell you whether the project is viable or not.

Preserve the Whole Site

You might not know the full scope of archaeological interest in an area. While you might focus on one spot of interest, if a builder has uncovered something that triggered your survey, this spot might just be one part of a greater discovery.

You need to run surveys that examine all options. However, you might not know exactly what you're dealing with yet. The scope of the project might not be clear right now. You might miss other areas close by that are just as archaeologically significant.

You can run 3D laser scans over a large area. So, for example, if you're looking at the ruins of a building, then your scan can find the boundaries of the site. You get a fast but detailed snapshot of the site in its entirety. You can even use these scans to survey inaccessible or dangerous areas as they can work at a distance.

Create Supporting Documentation

If you have to lobby to work on a site of heritage interest, then you have to prove that the site is archaeologically viable. This isn't always easy if you have to rely on 2D scans or drawings based on presumptions.

If you run 3D laser scans, then you can convert the scans to 3D documents. These documents are much easier to read and understand. They give a completely accurate picture of what is going on under the ground on the site. If you need to lobby for time, permission and funding to dig, then a 3D scan works in your favour.

To find out more about the benefits of 3D laser scanning, contact archaeological survey services specialists.

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