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How Cross-Laminated Timber Can Help You Develop a More Efficient Building

If you're a building developer, you will always be looking for ways to improve your craft and to complete each project as efficiently as possible. You will be looking for the latest technology so that you can improve your product offering, and you'll be searching for ways to cut the length of each job so you can save money for your clients. As you may know, a number of exciting developments are in the pipeline and some of these relate to building material. You may not be aware of it yet, but a product known as cross-laminated timber could be the answer to your prayers. What is this and why is it beneficial?


Cross-laminated timber could be the perfect solution when it comes to both practicality and sustainability. It has many advantages over traditional building materials, especially when it comes to safety, speed and lower cost.


This product is essentially an amalgam of other products, put together in such a way that it can significantly cut down the cost of the material. Several layers of wood and softwood are glued together to create one very large panel. This panel is then used as the entire wall of a structure and holes are cut out for any door or window opening.


Essentially, these pieces are prefabricated and can be introduced to the structure a lot more easily. Scaffolding requirements are minimised and building times reduced, while the building foundation can be less extensive due to the lighter weight.

Cross-laminated timber provides greater load distribution throughout the structure, while the finished wall is still very robust. The construction process is very fast and simple once on-site, and the material can deliver a very airtight envelope.

Additional Considerations

Cross-laminated timber can only be used above the damp-proof course, while traditional building materials may need to be used beneath, and cross-laminated timber will require external cladding in order to provide a fully weatherproof envelope. Each part of the structure will need to be manufactured off-site and delivered just on time, but this should make the entire project a lot more manageable.

Asking the Consultant

If you want to know more about this type of product and how it could help you with a range of diverse jobs, talk with a building consultancy firm. They will bring you up to speed with all the advantages and tell you where it may not be so suitable so you can make plans for future development.

Building services like Jeffrey Hills and Associates should help you come up with the best options for your building project. 

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