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Why You Need to Be Proactive in Controlling Emissions

Wherever you look these days you can see a climate activist. The media channels are full of stories related to climate emergencies and are quick to give advice to help people and organisations reduce the size of their carbon footprint. If you have an industrial facility, then you cannot afford to ignore this level of sentiment anymore and must take steps to control your emissions very effectively. You already have to deal with a mountain of red tape imposed by local, state and federal regulators, but you may need to be much more proactive than that if you're going to be as safe as possible. What other steps should you consider?

Growing Momentum

The United Kingdom recently became the first country to declare that it will be emissions-free by the year 2050. While Australia is a little behind the curve here, it seems certain that steps will be taken to encourage companies like yours to take more action. As these pressures rise, you will need to be seen as a good corporate citizen by stakeholders and the public at large.

Engaging Staff

Are your staff familiar with this trend, and are they engaged in chasing efficiencies? They may be trained in industry-specific matters, but you could be more proactive and introduce additional training methods. Look at other industries and think about introducing measures that may not be mandated in your case but that would nevertheless be beneficial.

Understanding Risk

You may need to bring in outside experts to help ensure that you are keeping on top of the threat. You've got plenty to deal with as it is and cannot be expected to be an expert in this area. Still, if you schedule an environmental impact assessment at least once per quarter, then you'll be aware of any issues and can take action accordingly.

Dealing with Cost

All of this extra attention need not necessarily result in unwanted cost. You may uncover efficiencies by focusing on your emissions and may even be able to develop additional streams of income as a consequence. You may be able to use energy diverted from one area toward productivity in another, and this can help to alleviate the cost associated with compliance.

Other Benefits

You can develop a good relationship with government regulators if they see that you are being attentive and doing more than you actually need to. You can also benefit from a public relations perspective if you publicise any gains that you make to the wider world.

Initial Assessment

Begin by scheduling an environmental impact assessment so that you know exactly where you are today.

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